001. what to expect

In this premier video for the reside daily bite, I described what to expect from this video series including releasing 5 episodes per week including homebuyer and seller education and tips, as well as highlighting areas in the greater Los Angeles area including Santa Monica and the “Westside”. I am really excited to be bringing this format to my audience! Please feel free to leave any comments by clicking the comment tab above the video. Thanks for tuning in!

Hello and welcome everybody to the very first, the premier episode of the Reside Daily Bite; I’m your host, David Doucette and I am excited to be bringing you this video blog series. I’m very passionate about real estate, about education, about encouraging and entertaining and inspiring. I’m passionate about all those things and the video blog is going to allow me another avenue in which I can feed you information. So I’m really excited about this. This is going to be released daily -5 times a week.

I’m going to be talking about buyer education and buyer tips, seller education and seller tips and I’m also going to be taking the video camera to the streets of the Westside of Los Angeles -the area I love the most; Santa Monica is great, Palms/Mar Vista is great.  I’m going to be showcasing you cool things about the area. We have Santa Monica pier. We have the Promenade of the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. We have a lot of Farmers Markets in the areas. So, I’m going to be showcasing that as part of the video blog. Also, I’ll be bringing in cool elements in the greater of Los Angeles area as well. I’m really excited about this video blog; I’m excited to have you tuning in.

You can also check out at reisderealestate.com under the podcast tab, I have what I called “The Reside Realtor Online Radio Show”  (now, The Reside Real Estate Podcast) and this is a weekly audio podcast of more education and more tips. It’s high, high quality audio and you can subscribe to that at my website or through iTunes and we’ve released 4 episodes so far. I talked about what an agent does, how do you work with an agent . I talked about how to get pre-approved. The 4 steps in finding a home and then I just released one called “The Buyer’s Consultation“, So, that is going to be released weekly.

Again, you can check that out at the podcast tab at the residerealestate and then of course, this video blog, you can subscribe to the RSS feed. It’s up on the left corner of your screen. It’s definitely on that left sidebar so, hit that RSS subscribe button and then you can automatically be notified when these updates come out.

I’m thrilled. I’m glad to have you as audience and can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning and do another video post of the Reside Daily Bite. Thank you so much for joining me today.

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