002. the brokers’ open

In this video, I describe what a “Brokers’ Open” is, complete with air quotes, and why it can be a good idea for a potential homebuyer to visit a Brokers’ Open in their area.

Hello and welcome everybody to the Reside Daily Bite; I’m your host, David Doucette and today is Tuesday (March 16 to be exact). And Tuesday is an exciting day for us in the “biz” because Tuesday is the day that we have what we called the “Brokers’ Open”.

What that is, is an open house for brokers; and typically when a new listing comes on the market or an agent who has a new listing, they will traditionally show it first on a Tuesday to the area brokers to try and generate some buzz and then they’ll have the official open house on Sunday.

Now, brokers’ open or caravan…they are not just for realtors. If you’re a home buyer and you’re looking for a home and you have some time on a Tuesday (they are between 11 and 2 here on Los Angeles area), you’re more than welcome to stop in and check homes out. You don’t have to be intimidated and in some respects, you may get a little better service from the agent holding the open house because they are going to be really excited to have a potential buyer in there to talk about the house.

Brokers’ open -if you see them in your neighborhood, feel free to stop in. And I’m excited I’m going to get on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) right now, search the homes, and build my itinerary that I’m going to go look at. And I’m going to probably see about (depending on what’s on the market) 15-20 homes in that 3-hour period. Very excited.

Brokers open – if you see it, go check it out. Thanks for stopping in!

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