003. persistence, patience, & flexibility

This episode was prompted by an event that happened yesterday while I was editing episode 002. The Reside Daily Bite. After hours of fooling with a 2 minute video, I thought about how persistence, patience, & flexibility could or should apply to the home buying process. By the way, I did get episode 002 released yesterday as planned, and yes, persistence did pay off.

Hello and welcome everybody to the Reside Daily Bite; I’m your host, David Doucette. I had another show playing for today but something happened yesterday that prompted this idea.

The show today is about PERSISTENCE, PATIENCE and FLEXIBILITY. The reason I want  to talk about that today is, yesterday, if you recall, I was excited, it was Tuesday, it was broker’s open and I was going to get on the MLS after I released the Reside Daily Bite yesterday. I planned my open house search for yesterday.

But what happened is, the video was going to be posted by 9 o’clock in the morning and then I was going to do my research and then I was going to go to my open houses. But what happened is I had some video editing problems that I had to download some additional software. I had to go online; I was monkeying with a bunch of different things to get the video right because there was a hissing/scratching sound in the video. The original video was fine but it was in somehow during the editing process. It took a while to get it figured out -to get it resolved. Long story short, it was about 2:30 in the afternoon when I actually finally posted that, so needless to say, I didn’t make it to my open house yesterday.

It really got me thinking how that relates to the home buying process. What we really need, especially as a home buyer is, we need to be persistent. We want to be persistent to make sure we’re looking at open houses, we’re researching neighborhoods, and we’re driving around the neighborhoods and at different times of the day -evenings and weekends. Definitely want to make sure we’re doing that, so, we need to be persistent.

We also need to be patient as home buyers because it can be a long, emotional process. The more patient we are, the better the process can be, the more realization that we need to be patient. Things are not going to happen quickly.

And the flexibility is also a very important factor because you as the home buyer, you will have your wishlist, you’ll have your 5 wants and needs. The reality is there is no home out there that is going to be the perfect home for you. It’s not going to fit 100% of your wants and needs; maybe we get to 85-90-95% but it’s unrealistic to assume or to think that we can get to a 100%. I think that’s where flexibility can come in to play.

So, we can be persistent and always communicate with our agent during this process. We can be patient and letting the process happen while staying on top of it, making sure the agent is keeping us informed because once you get an accepted offer on a property, it’s going to take 30, 45 to 60 days for that house to actually close -for it to become your. There are a lot that goes on in that timeframe. That’s where the patience will come in.

And again, the flexibility -finding the right home for us.

So what did I learn from yesterday? I had to be persistent -went online several times; downloaded a couple of tips from programs to finally get this thing to work. I had to be patient as I was waiting for all the stuff to download. And I had to be flexible because I shifted the rest of my day around yesterday.

The lesson for me was to stop editing videos on PCs and go get an iMac. So an iMac is in my near future.

My name is David Doucette and I thank you for joining me today.

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