006. the reside real estate podcast – the cost of waiting

episode 006. the cost of waiting

  • in this episode, i’m joined once again by mortgage broker, dean piller. listen in as we discuss the costs of waiting to purchase a home, this may surprise you. there are 6 factors that will make the home buying process more expensive in the near future, including the homebuyer tax credit is set to expire, FHA may be raising their minumum down payment requirements, private mortgage insurance will be increasing, interest rates will be going up (some predict by as much as 1% by the end of the year), and home values may be increasing. this is a must listen episode for anyone sitting on the fence of the home buying process. feel free to send comments by calling our voicemail listener line at 1.800.476.5579,  clicking the comment link above, or sending an email to david@residerealestate.com.

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REAL ESTATE SERVICES: are you looking to purchase a home? i specialize in working with homebuyers and first time buyers on the westside of los angeles. contact me to schedule a free 45 minute buyer’s consultation. i can be reached at the studio at 310.391.9191 or david@residerealestate.com

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