007. griffith park observatory

Today, I joined my son’s field trip to the Griffith Park Observatory, a Los Angeles icon and one of southern California’s most popular attractions. The observatory recently underwent a multimillion dollar renovation and it was great to see the new and improved observatory. All of us had a blast and will be coming back again soon. My youngest son, Remy saw many “moons” and “space”. Click the link for more information on Griffith Park.

Hello everybody and welcome to the Reside Daily Bite; I’m your host, David Doucette and I’m joined by my two restless boys, Jake and Remy, who are ready to explore the Griffith Park Observatory which is where we’re coming¬† to you from right now, just north of downtown Los Angeles. Griffith Park recently went a major renovation and I’m excited to go in and see it.

And of course, James Dean filmed “Rebel without a Cause” here, so, we’re going to go in and have a look around.

David: So Jake, what do you think so far?

Jake: Happy, happy, happy…

David: Here we are in the planetarium -Water is Life, Take 2…

David: We thought our boys are so heavy but they only wiegh 10 lbs on the moon. What do you think Jake…10 lbs?

Jake: Cool.

David: Here’s a shot from the observatory looking at downtown Los Angeles in a gorgeous day.

David: Alright!  Did we have fun everybody?

Jake and Remy: Yes!

David: Yes. That concludes our episode of the Reside Daily Bite; my name is David Doucette. I want to thank you guys so much for joining us today…and I’m going to catch Jake before he falls out the side…

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