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In this video, I discussed the option of using pepper spray as a personal safety item in your home as well as an ingenious “call police” sign that should be in every vehicle.

Hello everybody and welcome to the Reside Daily Bite; I’m your host, David Doucette and in today’s show, I’m going to talk about a couple of personal security items that we can use for personal security measures.

And the reason why I’m doing this show today is because last week at our Keller Williams Santa Monica weekly team meeting, this gentleman spoke afterwards and his name is Byron Walls from CaliforniaCrimeFight.com and this by no means a commercial for CaliforniaCrimeFight.com. He did a presentation about personal safety and I actually purchased one of the kits that he was selling, so, I just wanted to share some of that information with you.

He was selling one which is a blend of the most powerful CS teargas and the hottest OC pepper with an ultraviolet dye in a penetrating, nontoxic solvent-based for instant action to sting eyes, nose and mouth; so basically, a very potent pepper spray.

He also sells a family kit- which is what I purchased. There are 4 of these large bottles and then there are 2 keychain models. I think these are really great and here’s why.

You can keep these in your house. You can keep them just next to your bed. You can hang them up high if you want to keep them out of reach of children. But what’s interesting about this product -the large bottle-, Byron claims it will spray 12-15 ft and it’s completely nontoxic, so it will incapacitate the victim for 20 minutes, which give you plenty time to get out of the house. It’s nontoxic, nonlife-threatening so there will be no damage to the victim; so, you’ll hesitate less to use this in situations you’ll be more prone to use this -which will be good.

And he also gave an example; as a woman, if you’re home alone and the cable guy is coming over, keep one of this close by.  I think it is a good tip.

And here’s the keychain model. This is a nice reminder to be prepared. We don’t what to think about necessary things happening -our home being broken into while we are there. It is good to be prepared for peace of mind -it’s really what this is. It’s not commercial; it’s just good information that I found from our team meeting.

One really cool thing that I like is this sign. We received two of these -a Call Police sign. I thought this is a really simple idea. If your car breaks down, you’re in a highway and for whatever reason your cell phone dies, nobody’s probably going to stop to help you, a good Samaritan is going to see your car especially at night. The only person that would stop is the bad Samaritan. So, what this “Call Police” sign does is if you’re in that situation, you tape this to your back window and cars going by would likely call 911 and the police would show up shortly thereafter. And Byron told a few stories of women being stranded for 5-7 hours before anybody would stop and help them.

I think these are all good stuff – the pepper spray and the Call Police sign. I think you can buy these individually too but I like the family kit. You also had a sticker that you can put on your door or window to make it look like you have an alarm system.

That’s our show for today; I’m David Doucette and thank you for joining me.

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