040. viewer comments on friday

I read viewer comments and feedback from the past few weeks. happy friday!

Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of The Reside Daily Bite; I’m your host, David Doucette and once again, it is Friday so, happy Friday to everybody out there. I’m going to try something a little new today. I have my laptop which you can kind of see in the corner of the screen. What I want to do today is to just dedicate it to some viewer comments -I’ve been getting a lot of comments on Facebook (and my Facebook fan page which by the way…you can go to facebook.com/resideFan and you can become a fan there). And as you know, I’m always encouraging comments or feedback and you can send those to 1-800-476-5579 or email feedback@residerealestate.com or you can leave them on Facebook. So, I want to read some of those today and get caught up on that because I want listeners to know that their comments are being heard and they are very much appreciated; I really enjoy getting feedbacks. So by all means, feel so inclined to send some feedback in.

Dorian Cheah wrote on my Facebook fanpage about episode 019. Americans Still Wants a House, with Caution, “Very cool David! I love what you are doing. I find myself looking forward to seeing these in my news feed. Great job!” Because Dorian has become a fan on Facebook, he automatically gets the Daily Bite to his Facebook news feed. Let’s check out another one, my sister, Darlene, on episode no. 021. The Reside Daily Bite – Opting Out from Credit Card. Darlene wrote, “Is that grey hair I see?” and of course I responded, “Oh yeah, a lot of it…salt and pepper…” and Steve Richard wrote, “Salt and pepper is not warmed up to…it is earned”. So, thank you very much for that, both Darlene -of course- and Steve Richard for the “Salt and pepper is not warmed up to…it is earned”; I very much appreciate that.

I had a podcast I did a few weeks ago with Michele Christensen, who is a professional organizer, and she sent me a comment that her mom actually sent to her (in regards to that podcast on the Approachable Architect podcast), “She completely loved it and said you asked excellent questions which made a potentially dry subject interesting and exciting”. She forwarded it to all of her friends, so hopefully that means a few more listeners. So, thank you very much Michele and Michele’s mother for that wonderful comment.

Let’s scroll up to a few more and… Pete Castro, an agent friend over at Keller WIlliams, Santa Monica in response to an article I discussed about renting vs. owning a home wrote, “Great article. Should be effective on would-be renters/should-be buyers open to listening! Good job, David.” Thank you Pete for that and again, this is on the Facebook news feed. And I’m also getting better about my “aahs” if you’ve been following and if you’ve been paying attention and saw me talk about that a few episodes ago. I’m feeling better about it; I’m feeling less (and I was about to say an  “aah”) less ah (see now I completely screwed up my rhythm) and I’m not going to shoot this again -one take, as you know.

Let’s see, my brother, Derek, has chimed in a few times, “Glad to see your wardrobe person is back…yesterdays outfit, not so good :) ” – that was when I wore T-shirt for casual Friday last Friday. I have one more comment, let me find it here, hang with me…Eric Grodan, who is a good friend  and specializes in putting together trust – and actually putting together our trust – on an article episode Reside Daily Bite – Did You Say Negative Equity Until 2015? That was yesterday’s daily bite. Eric wrote, “Don’t sell for a loss. Rent the house and become a landlord or use the house for business, at least then you can deduct the loss against income”. Great advice Eric; and those are my comments for today, I will do this on another Friday. Maybe one Friday a month I will present to you the viewers’ comments because again, I love to get them and hopefully you love listening to me share them.

So, that is it for me today. Have a great weekend. Have a great rest of the day, Friday. My name is David Doucette, thank you so much for checking out The Reside Daily Bite.

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