where has david been?

the following appeared in my may newsletter and sheds light on where i’ve been the last couple of months;

where does the time go???? it’s been a few months since my last newsletter and i can’t believe the month of may is almost gone. TIME just slips away.

As many of you know i currently produce “the approachable architect podcast” as well as “the reside realtor online radio show”. i’ve also recently begun producing a daily video podcast called “the reside daily bite.” oh yes, and i also run an architecture practice as well as a real estate practice and recently launched residerealestate.com. and did i mention i spend a lot of time on the social media networks?

so how do i find the TIME to do it all? i work A LOT. just ask my wife, wendy and two boys, jake and remy, who haven’t seen a whole lot of their husband/daddy these last few months. i’ve been consumed with the office, getting the real estate side of the business up and running, and the different shows i’ve been producing. as many of you also know, i’m very passionate about the work i do and i love working with people.

BUT my relationship with my family has been taking a back seat. i have not had enough TIME with them. SO what does all this mean?

well, i attended a real estate conference earlier in the week and one of the speakers mentioned what would become my biggest A-HA moment in a long time. he asked the audience the question “how do children spell love?” one would initially think L-O-V-E or maybe L-U-V, but that’s not correct. the answer is T-I-M-E. Bingo! it hit me like a ton of bricks. i shared the revelation with my wife as soon as i got home that night. the next day, at the same conference, i had the honor of hearing gary keller, ceo of keller williams, speak and he, coincidentally, asked the same question, but instead asked “how does my wife spell love?” yup, the answer again was T-I-M-E. i knew at that very moment, the universe was reaching out to me in a BIG way and i couldn’t ignore that. i realized right then and there, i needed to spend more TIME with my family, and needed to figure out a way to do that, but i also didn’t not want to sacrifice my client relationships. so what’s a fellow to do?

i’ve put all the podcasts on hold as that took up several hours a week of time and re-prioritized the way i run my business. i’m going to be creating more systems that will allow me to run a more efficient business AND at the same TIME allow me to spend more time with my family.

my clients will still receive the great service they’ve grown accustomed to and my focus will become much sharper on the business as i scale back the podcasts and time spent on social media. i’ll also be implementing plans to grow the business and recruit great people to help me along the way. have no fear, the podcasts will continue to provide a lot of great content in their existing format, and i look forward to the day when i start turning on the microphones again.

BUT for now, family comes first, and TIME is my NEW FRIEND.

david doucette, architect | broker
reside architecture & reside real estate
keller williams santa monica

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