046. welcome back & thank you tom ferry!

I’m finally back after a 3 month absence and just finished an amazing 3 days with tom ferry and his success summit! lots of great ideas and topics coming along the way!

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Hello and welcome everybody to another episode of The Reside Daily Bite; I’m your host, David Doucette. I am super pumped today; I’m super excited. For those of you who have been following The Reside Daily Bite, you have probably noticed that I have not put out an episode for about 3 months. What happened is, I decided to take a break from all social media, from Facebook, Twitter, The Reside Daily Bite, podcasting and focused on some time management issues; spending some time figuring out how to make all of these to work.

As many of you know, I’m married, have two little boys and trying to find time for everybody has been a struggle. I am in the process of figuring this stuff out. But the reason I’m super excited, the reason I am super pumped is I just finished a 3-day seminar with Tom Ferry. If you don’t know Tom Ferry, he just released the book called “Life by Design” and he is a very big coach in the real estate world. He is also expanding his business in outside of the real estate market. We had just spent 3 days in Anaheim –today was actually day 3. I’m back in my office recording this because one of the commitments that I am making to myself and to you my viewers is The Reside Daily Bite’s comeback. I have a whole bunch of ideas to talk about and I’m really excited about that.

We’ve just spent 3 day masterminding with about 3,000 other agents from all over the country. I think we had a very good showing from Canada and we had, I believe, 1 or 2 people from Australia. Tom called it the “Success Summit” and I would say it was very much a success. I got a lot of great information. I got a lot of homework to do. I have a lot of business planning to do. But one of the things that I thought was interesting (that stuck in my mind) is, to go home and throw out half of your clothes or donate half of your clothes. That’s actually one of the projects that I’m going to work on very soon because I know there’s a lot of clothes that I have in my wardrobe that just take up space in my closet. So, I’m going to get rid of half of my clothes. That’s the challenge for myself right now.

What does any of these have to do with real estate? It’s just I’m excited and you are going to be getting more information from me –market analysis, statistics, short sale info, and foreclosure info. My mind is racing a mile a minute and I should probably just end it right there. So, I am going to do that.

I want to say thank you to Tom Ferry and the Success Summit. I’m sure some of those agents that I met are going to be watching this video because I’m going to tweet it out. I’m going to put in on my fan page. If you want to become a fan: facebook.com/resideFan or you can follow me on Twitter (residedavid) or you can call our voicemail listener feedback line at 1-800-476-5579.

My name is David Doucette and I’m going to see you tomorrow.

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