patience is the new cool

Patience. The debate is still open between my wife and I about how much patience I possess. I think I have a lot, my wife thinks otherwise. 

Let’s see. I waited until I was 34 before marrying the love of my life and 35 before having our first son. That’s pretty patient. Okay maybe there wasn’t much patience between getting married and having Jake, but I was not the impatient one. Actually neither one of us were impatient, we were just blessed and still buzzing from our 3 week Italian honeymoon. 

There is no debate, however, about our two boys’ patience, or lack thereof. From first waking in the morning and demanding “I want breakfast now” to trying to eat dessert before dinner is done (did I mention our boys really like to eat?), they do not like to wait for anything. And they are not bratty kids, they are very polite and say please and thank you. Maybe they are just hungry all the time?  

But they can be patient about one thing… going to bed at night. They will try every trick in the book to stay up “just five more minutes” or to read “just one more book.” Let’s face it, no one really expects little boys to be patient anyway, right? 

What about us adults? Should we be patient?  

That probably really depends on who you ask. If you ask anyone in the real estate industry, I hope they would say an emphatic yes (dealing with banks is not easy). What about homeowners facing a difficult financial situation? I hope they would realize yes as well, because there are options to help those homeowners but solutions will take time. 

I think Patience is the new cool for the future. It’s something that if you don’t have right now, you should be exploring ways to get some (maybe or a yoga retreat in the desert). Just don’t confuse patience with passiveness.   

And if my wife is reading this, I think I continue to prove my patience. I haven’t  bought an iPad…yet. 

david doucette, architect | associate broker
reside architecture & reside real estate  

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