056. Good Realtors Work, Great Realtors Network

Welcome everybody to another episode of The Reside Daily Bite. The title of this show today is called “Good Realtors Work, Great Realtors Network” and the evidence of that today (you didn’t know that, did you?) is I’m here at a Tweetup event that my co-host, Michele, and myself  put together. We did that to basically take Twitter, bring it offline, make more of a relationship here on the Westside community and build some relationships here.

So, Michele, how do you like doing the group?

Michele: It has been so great and I’ve made so many great friends and so great business relationships and actually got some business from it. I think, small, tight, focused networking is really the way to go. It doesn’t really do any good to meet 50 people in a night and just splatter your business cards all over. You have to really connect with people and find out what people do and how you can help each other.

David: Yeah. And it’s very cool because we’ve been doing this, I think, 5 months now and we’re getting a lot of people coming back. So, it’s a lot of that familiar faces. And Debra, who is one of our members, is doing the presentation tonight. And Debra is…well, I’ll let Debra… what are going to talk about tonight?

Debra: Well, tonight, I’m going to talk about the importance of networking and kind of like what Michele just said –is essential. If you’re going to network, you need to network live, as well as online, and find ways to leverage the real life relationships for online purposes. And when you’re networking online, find ways to expand those relationships. I kind of agree with what you’ve (Michele) just said but I have to add a little caveat towards this because I do the media-bistro networking events and we get hundreds of those. It is okay to meet a lot of people and then, trade business cards and connect with them online (Facebook and on Twitter) the next day. That way, you start developing rapport.  So the next time you encounter the same group of people, maybe you pick 5 or 10 that you meet in the event and develop a relationship. You go and see these people again and then, you pick a different batch. I do these networking parties and it’s so funny…I see my friends, and I give them a hug and say, “Thank you, it’s great that you came. I have to now go talk to people I don’t know”.

David: And that’s really what all this is about. You’ve mentioned it -rapport, relationships. That’s what we are building and that’s what a great realtor will do; because a great realtor needs to be in a community, establishing relationships. So if I need to refer an organizer to one of my clients, I refer Michele or if I need somebody who needs to put a blog together or write, I can refer to Debra. So, thank you for coming tonight.

Michele: And if I need a great realtor, I would definitely refer to David.

David: Oh well… I’ll take it, I’ll take it.

Debra: Yeah, I’m waiting to make my fortunes so I can have you (David) sell me a house and then, you (Michele) can organize it.

David: There you go.

Debra: And in the meantime, if any body needs a personal trainer for writers, my Twitter url is “writeononline”

David: Oh yeah, @writeononline

Debra:  @writeononline (WriteOnOnline.com) If you’re a writer, an expert, an entrepreneur and you need a little bit of a shove in the right direction, you call me.

David: And what’s your Twitter, Michele?

Michele: I’m on Twitter: @orgmish. That’s o-r-g-m-i-s-h

David: And I’m on Twitter @residedavid. That’s going to do it for The Reside Daily Bite today; thank you so much for checking us out.

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