4 stages of buying a home

Stage 01. The Looking Phase

This is the first phase in the home buying process and you’ll have more of a broad focus, when you’ll figure out which neighborhoods suit you best. You may begin by driving around the areas that initially interest you. You’ll also start interviewing lenders and begin the financial pre-qualification process to know exactly how much home you can afford.  Consider this the “investigative stage”.


Stage 02. The Finding Phase 

This is the second phase in the home buying process. Now that you have an agent that will take great care of you (ahem moi), you’ll meet with me to complete a buyers’ consultation to determine precisely what’s important to you in a home and narrow your focus (if we haven’t already done this).  Your search will become more purposeful, and now is the time you’ll be looking for “the one.”  You will be pre-approved with your lender and your down payment funds will be liquid.  I  will be in constant contact with you about new listings that fit your needs and answer any questions you might have. You will also be visiting a lot of open houses and there will be a lot of work for YOU to do in this stage. Consider this the “really fun” stage.

Stage 03. The Buying Phase 

This is the third phase in the home buying process. You find the home that comes closest to meeting your criteria and you’ll write an offer.  You will probably be writing several offers on several different properties before one of your offers is accepted, so be prepared. I will negotiate that offer to get the best deal for you.  You’ll give a 3% deposit within 3 days of receiving an accepted offer so make sure your deposit is VERY liquid. Consider this the “i’m officially an adult” stage.

Stage 04. The Closing Phase 

This is the fourth phase in the home buying process. This is a critical stage, where everything comes together.  I  will negotiate for repairs/credits if possible once inspections come back.  I will follow your loan process through to funding, will facilitate the signing of the loan docs and deed, and finally at the close of escrow, I will give you your keys. This is an emotional phase for both you, the buyer and also the seller. A level head will go a long way in this stage and a good agent will be worth their weight in gold during this stage. Consider this the “most exciting” stage.