market snapshot tutorial

Welcome to the Market Snapshot Tutorial Page. This is a unique service I offer my friends, associates, and clients. You can view homes currently for sale and recently sold as well as view graphs and data for market conditions and community data. I would love to hear your feedback,

Please enjoy this video!

Welcome, my name is David Doucette from Reside Real and I am here to present to you “The Market Snapshot Tutorial”, which is an awesome tool to help you stay on top of what’s happening in your neighborhood. You can see homes currently for sale; currently on the market; homes that have recently sold; you can see community statistics and all kinds of other good information. The tutorial is coming up, right now!

Alright! The first step in looking at our Market Snapshot is, first, we will receive an email and that will come from and the subject line will read “Market Snapshot”. So, we want to go ahead and click on that. It will bring us to this screen- let us know the report is ready for our review. And then down here…it’s going to tell us some of the things that are included (including data such as sold homes, properties for sale, inventory counts and even days-on-market); so, a lot of good information coming from this Market Snapshot.

Now, we want to go up here to the “View It” button and click that, then, it’s going to bring us to the Market Snapshot “Welcome” page. We’re going to click the “View Market Snapshot”, which is going to bring us to the “Market Snapshot” page. Now, a little orientation here on this page…here is the Market Info tab (and that is currently what we are on). We also have the Community Info tab and the School Info tab. Over here, you can see we have the “Asking and Sold Prices”; we also have “Sold Homes for Sale”; and then we can expand these…and now we have “Asking Vs. Selling Price” and the “Time on the Market”, “Number of Days on the Market” and also, the “Number of Homes”.

Let’s jump back over to our Market Info tab – where we still are. This map is the meat of the Market Snapshot and what you want to do here is, place your cursor in the middle and just move it around and you’re going to see it start to populate. This is in zip code in Santa Monica (90405) and my office is actually located right here on the south side of Sta. Monica airport. So, what we’re looking at here is, -if you look at the key down here…these blue diamonds were listed in the last 14 days; the green diamonds were listed 15 days or more. So, both of these are the active listings currently on the market; and the reds are what had been recently sold. And, what’s really cool about this is…let’s go up here and we can see $1.75M for this house on Marine Street; now, we can “Click to View Details” and this brings up the information. This ties right into our MLS and here’s the description of the home; the number of days on the market (34 days on the market); price/sq. foot, which is one that I’m always looking for to see if something is priced at market value.

What’s great about Market Snapshot -whether you are a buyer or a seller or you’re just a home owner and you want to know what’s going on in your neighborhood, this is a great tool for that. This is why I send this out to my friends and associates; this is just a great tool just to keep an eye on what’s going on. Now, let me zoom in over here…let’s say, I live on 14th Street and I want to see the house my neighbor had just put on the market. So, I can see, “Oh, they put it on for $890,000”. Well, let’s check out this home that has been sold –we know this because it is in red. Let’s “Click to View Details”…this home was on the market for $1.249M for 59 days. It was actually sold above its asking price at $1.275M on July 29th.

And, this is a great tool for the nosy neighbors; it really is, because you can really get a lot of information on what’s happening in your neighborhood. This is why I really like the Market Snapshot. You can also go down to the “Snapshot Scheduling”. It defaults to once a month or every 4 weeks. You can click “Edit the Schedule” and it will bring up another screen where you can change it to: every 2 weeks, every 6 weeks, every 8 weeks or never- if you don’t want to get it again.

I’ll just briefly click on the Community Info tab because I just want to show you this a little bit. Let’s go down here and I’m gonna click on “Shopping and Groceries” and as you can see, we have “Public Services”, “Places of Worship”, “Recreation and Leisure”, and “Food and Drink”. I’m just going to start clicking on a couple of these – and you’re going to see the map starts to populate. How cool is that! So, you can really start to see what’s in your neighborhood and again, we can zoom in and really see what’s going on and…look at that, it tells us what that is and tells us what these things are. So, this is a very cool tool. I hope everybody finds it useful and if you have any questions, feel free to email me: This is going to conclude the Market Snapshot tutorial and I want to thank you so much for checking it out.