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In this daily bite, I discussed the interview I did last Friday with Colette Ching, Keller Williams Santa Monica for the Reside Realtor Online Radio Show. We had a great discussion about Keller Williams culture, how the progressive company is one of the hottest brokerages around. We also discussed the Santa Monica office, or market center, and what makes us so strong. Be sure to check out the entire audio interview on the Reside Realtor Online Radio Show episode 007.
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this is recorded video of my podcast interview with colette ching, keller williams santa monica. i hit the video record button a few minutes after it started so you won’t see the intro here. the audio is pretty decent here, but be sure to check out the professionally produced audio only version/podcast on the reside realtor online radio show episode 007.

episode 007. keller williams + colette ching

  • in this episode, i’m joined by one of my favorite peeps, colette ching, team leader of the keller williams santa monica office. She is a source of inspiration and positive energy and creates a nurturing environment for agents at the santa monica office. we talk about the keller williams business model and how there are over 600 market centers in north america. we also talk about why the KW business model is different and how and why we are growing as a company while other brokerages are downsizing (superb training is one reason!) Colette is tuned into the marketplace as evidenced by the statistics she shares with us and she also gives her agents the power to be the best they can be. feel free to send comments by calling our voicemail listener line at 1.800.476.5579,  clicking the comment link above, or sending an email to

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